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Giving new meaning to SBD

Well friends, we’re about to give new meaning to SBD in our household. For those of you with a DH like mine (love you, sweetie!) or teenage boys, you know what SBD typically stands for. But, I’ve been talking about the South Beach Diet so much that I decided I ought to abbreviate it for ease of discussion (and typing). So just take it in context.

I think I mentioned that earlier in the week, I conducted a raid on the local Barnes & Noble and got my paws on several SBD books. The first one I’m reading is the original – The South Beach Diet, by Arthur Agatston, M.D. The preface (written in 2004) gives a brief background on how the diet came to be and how as a society (at least here in the United States), we’re generally overfed and undernourished. He is also quick to clear up the misconception that SBD is a low-carb diet. Dr. Agatston says that the diet is low in processed and refined carbs, but not low-carb.  It is also a diet that is low in saturated fats.  As such, the focus is on “good carbs and good fats”.

In the preface, he also shares his opinion that while calories count, counting them doesn’t work if you’re eating the wrong foods.  That makes sense to me, but I’m still going to count those little puppies!  It will be interesting to see how my weight loss over the last 4 months (20 pounds) compares if I eat an equivalent amount of calories, but that are lower in refined carbs.  I can tell you now, those are my weakness.  I’ve gotten a lot better – purchasing whole grain bread, eating whole wheat pasta and brown rice (though I admit we still have the regular stuff sometimes), etc.  My cravings also tend to vary between sweet and salty.  We try to keep junk out of our house, but if we get a bag of chips to have with burgers on the grill I will invariably end up eating some more after our son goes to bed, while I watch a variety of television shows that a 34 year-old woman shouldn’t probably admit to enjoying (Gossip Girl, anyone?).

My goal for today is to get a meal plan all put together for next week, depending on what day I decide to start.  We promised our son that we would take him to Chuck E Cheese tonight, as a reward for good behavior in child care.  Believe me, that pizza would make a good excuse to start my banishment of refined carbs early, but we also have a lasagne in the freezer that is too expensive to just throw away.  So, I’ll still try to shoot for early next week as my official start.  Oh, and I’m going to try to get DH to come along with me for at least part of the ride!

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