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Can I really do this?

So here I sit on a lovely Sunday morning, facing an overwhelming insecurity about starting on the South Beach Diet this week.  It is coming from two main places.  First, I am down about 3.5 pounds from last week – hooray!  The last two weeks, I have lost about 3-4 pounds a week.  That makes me feel terrific – I went shopping in my own closet yesterday and found I could wear a few new tops that had previously been too tight around my tum tum.  That seems like really good progress to me – do I want to take a chance on something I might not be able to do?

The second place this doubt is coming from is my concern over food choices.  Last night, I sat with 4 of my new SBD books (including 2 of the cookbooks) and tried to plot out the meal plan for the coming week.  Dinners were easy.  We typically favor 2-3 nice dinners a week, combined with 4-5 “quickie” dinners – hot dogs (fat free beef kind at least), macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, some sort of frozen meal, etc.  The dinner choices seem a little intimidating in terms of cost (chicken breasts are more expensive than the 10 for $10 boxes of mac n cheese, no?) but also in terms of prep effort.  And since I’m one of those fortunate women whose DH is the primary cook in the family, I don’t really want to put this additional responsibility on him.  But, he’s so supportive (and last night told me he would do this along with me – YAY!), that he won’t mind as long as I lend a hand where I can.

Breakfast and Lunch, on the other hand, are more difficult.  The first two weeks of Phase 1, you’ve pretty much got choices for breakfast that range from eggs to egg substitute to omelets to frittatas to…can you sense a pattern?  I’m not a big veggie girl, so the prospect of adding some bell peppers or mushrooms for variety doesn’t give me much reassurance.  My typical breakfast is a Fiber One bar – usually as I’m walking out the door to work.  So we’ll see if after the first two weeks I can even look at an egg.

For lunch, I typically eat a peanut butter and jelly (sugar-free preserves actually) sandwich on 2 pieces of whole grain white bread.  The only reason I have 2 slices of bread is so my topping doesn’t stick to the ziplock baggie my DH lovingly packs it in!  Sometimes I have an apple and a piece of string cheese instead.  All of those things (except string cheese) are no-no’s during Phase 1, so I’m planning on having a hard-boiled egg and string cheese…or some sort of salad.  (As a side note, you may be wondering if this is all I eat for breakfast and lunch, how I could possibly be so heavy.  I don’t even typically snack during the day.  The most simple answer I have is that I make poor choices for dinner due to convenience, and also haven’t done well with portion sizes.  My other Achilles heel is evening snacking after our son goes to bed.  When you add in the fact that the majority of my weight gain happened between the time I was 17 and 26 or so, it just compounds the issue.)

We’re still planning to give SBD a go – I’ve just got a little performance anxiety.  I know that I will feel better when we get to Phase 2 and it feels more like a lifestyle than a diet…but Phase 1 is definitely a diet and I’m afraid to fail.

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