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Phase 1, Day 2 – Going Modified

Well, we made it through Day 1 just fine.  If you read my post yesterday, you’ll have seen that my total calorie intake for the day was right around 600 calories – and I was concerned it was too low.  Well, I’m pretty sure it was.  Last night I had such an awful time sleeping.  I felt anxious and jittery, and felt like my heart was flip flopping or fluttering.  Since I have a heart block (electrical problem), it may just be that…but I wonder if the low calorie intake makes it worse.  When I was looking at going on a medically-supervised, super-low calorie (500-800/day) diet here at the local hospital, my doctor told me I probably wouldn’t make it in the program because of my heart issue.  He said sometimes on those diets your electrolytes get “off”, which can make heart problems worse.  Plus…I’m on Metformin for my insulin resistance and that might cause my sugar to go too low.  (I checked last night and it was fine, but I still wonder.)

Anyway, called my cardiologist this morning to get some answers and didn’t actually get to talk with her.  The message she left said to lower my Metformin (ummm, to what dose?) and she wondered whether I was still wearing my special event monitor.  An event monitor is like a recorder that is attached by a couple of wires – like an EKG.  When I have a flutter, I press a button and it sends a recording to this place in Florida where they read it and see if it is something to be concerned with.  They pass everything on to my doc.  Well, long story short – I don’t know that my doc is actually getting them…or else she is very confused!  (Insert several sighs here.)

So, sweet DH and I had a confab and since he is diabetic and on some meds too, we decided we shouldn’t really go full-in for South Beach Diet.  Honestly, I was pleased with my 1-2 pound/week weight loss before this and really only started because my cardiologist asked me to try it.  Our plan is to still follow as much of Phase 1 as we can, but realize that we both probably need to add in some complex carbs to stay healthy.  In hindsight, I should have asked my doc for more information about this diet – or to hook me up with a nutritionist or someone else that would make sure I’m doing things right!

It’s really too bad – the scale this morning showed a 2.6 pound weight loss since yesterday morning – but it isn’t worth it if I have to spend the whole night nearly having a panic attack and worrying about my heart.  Stay tuned to see just how “modified” we end up making this whole thing!

Breakfast, Morning Snack, and Afternoon Snack were all the same as yesterday.  For Lunch, I had the same thing as yesterday but added some cut up leftover chicken breast from last night.  For Dinner, we are having “Cracked Pepper Steak” (from the original SBD book) and leftover green beans.  Our son is having macaroni and cheese with his, so I might have a couple of spoons of that…or try and hold out for a Fiber One bar tonight!

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