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Phase 1, Day 3 – Still Modified

My night last night was MUCH improved and I think I know why – my net calorie intake yesterday was about 1400, compared to the 600 that I had on Day 1.  No night anxiety, tremors, or anything.  So, we’re sticking with a more modified plan.  Honestly I wouldn’t even say we’re in Phase 1 right now because we’ve started introducing a few carbs…so maybe I should just start admitting we’re in Phase 2.  We’ll see!  It is interesting though, I don’t have the cravings for carbs like I thought I would.  Maybe that’s because I was doing pretty well on eating good carbs before we even started and it might have just been out of my system.  Who knows!  Maybe we’ll foray back into Phase 1 when we figure out some more things that we could eat to bump up the calories.

My carb for the day was a whole grain baguette with my lovely Grilled Chicken Caesar salad from Panera.  That stuff makes me actually enjoy eating salad.  Not sure what is so special about it – maybe the marinated chicken.  I go light on the dressing, so that helps too!

For dinner tonight, we had “Tortilla” Soup, which is from the South Beach Diet Super Quick Cookbook.  I wasn’t very impressed as I was making it (yes, I cooked!), but it was really tasty.  I’m not a big soup person, but I’d probably have this again.  In fact, it has diced tomatoes in it and even with my texture issues I found myself devouring it.  Pretty sure it was the combination of the garlic, onion, cayenne pepper and cumin flavors that had me hooked.  Since the chicken breasts were still in the freezer, I just added the cut up pieces of buffalo chicken we had bought to have on salads tomorrow.  It would have been better with southwest flavoring, but when your plans are still frozen, you improvise.

Oh – and I say this a little sheepishly because we wanted to still limit carbs today – I had my Fiber One bar for breakfast this morning.  Yes, yes I did.  And you know what?  I enjoyed every last bite.  I didn’t wolf it down as I usually do 🙂  So we’ll see if tomorrow I do the egg substitute or have another Fiber One.  We had bought some faux bacon (I think it is made from soy?) and I’m curious about whether it tastes anything remotely like the real thing.

No weight loss when I stepped on the scale this morning.  However, I am retaining a little water (ladies, you know why) and perhaps that is it.  Not going to obsess and will instead try to hold off on weighing myself until Saturday.

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