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Phase 1, Day 1 Redux

I think I’m going to try to do Phase 1 all over again and really try to do it – without cheating!  Back on the old egg substitute and turkey sausage this morning.  I’m pretty sure the thing I dislike the most about Phase 1 is breakfast.  I just don’t like eggs all the time, no matter how you slice, fry, scramble, or poach them.

My new lunches are pretty good.  Pre-SBD, I used to have a peanut butter & jelly (sugar-free preserves, actually) sandwich on two pieces of whole grain white bread.  Now, I’ve faithfully been eating salad in one form or another.  One day I had a leftover smoked turkey sausage and a hard boiled egg.  Today was hearts of romaine lettuce blend, with some 2% reduced fat cheese shreds and some Southwest chicken pieces.  Speaking of those little chicken pieces, eating this way is not cheap.  We spent a small fortune at the grocery store yesterday and didn’t even get the lean ground beef or chicken breasts we needed for dinners this week.  I’m trying to deal by thinking about how much money we save by eating at home.

Dinner tonight was another SBD cookbook idea – BBQ chicken, but my honey (DH) grilled it.  The BBQ sauce wasn’t too bad – definitely not the sweet stuff I am used to – but not bad all the same.  And get this.  We tried those “surprise” SBD “potatoes” (aka mashed cauliflower).  And I ate some.  Granted, it isn’t something that I would put a big, heaping pile of on my plate like I would with regular mashed potatoes, but for a vegetable that I normally can’t stand they weren’t bad.  (Usually I throw up a little in my mouth when I even smell cauliflower.)  DH did a good job adding the faux butter to the point where you really couldn’t tell – at least not enough to make a difference!  Hint: eat them warm.  As they cool, they get more cauliflower-y.  Even our sweet DS liked them and asked for seconds!!

For dessert, we had a Jell-O Mousse Temptation cup.  Now maybe that’s cheating on SBD – I don’t see pudding-like things on the okay to eat list (even sugar-free ones).  But, it is sugar-free.  So I’m not going to freak out.  Sometimes you just need a little chocolate in whatever form you can get it, you know?

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