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Review: “Breaded” Pork Chops With Mustard Sauce

When you’re on the South Beach Diet, you can expect to eat a lot of lean meats – lean beef, turkey, chicken, pork and fish.  Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of fish and haven’t gotten up the nerve to try turkey dishes (other than having turkey on Thanksgiving), so that really leaves us eating a lot of beef and chicken.  Pork has been one of those meats that I’ve always though was nice in concept, but not always executed well.  Before tonight, I have only had pork chops on 2 occasions since I was about 17 years old.  One was the day we brought our sweet DS home from the hospital (they were cooked in the crock pot by my Dad).  The other was about a month or two ago when my darling DH cooked up some honey ginger chops.  Both times were delicious.  My main beef (no pun intended) with pork is that it usually tastes too….pork-y.  Thus, a good sauce or strong flavor is a must.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon a recipe for “Breaded” Pork Chops With Mustard Sauce on Kalyn’s Kitchen.  Since starting SBD, I’ve browsed Kalyn’s website almost daily and find so much that looks tasty.  She even has a whole section for Phase 1 recipes!

Not only was tonight an adventure with a new meat, I just happened to be the chef.  DH absolutely had to mow the lawn (we have so many dandelions this year – our adorable DS is always picking them for me and presenting them as “flowers”), so I did the cooking.  For someone who doesn’t cook often, I was pleased by how relatively easy this recipe was.  It was made a little more complex because I was trying to cook some asparagus at the same time, but generally it was no sweat.

How can it be SBD-friendly when it is breaded, you ask?  That’s because the breading is actually made from almond meal/almond flour.  When you find it in the store, don’t go into sticker shock (our bag was $10)…DH says it is totally worth every penny to be able to have something “breaded” on Phase 1!  Plus, the mustard sauce was fab!

Ease:  Weeknight Dinner (though it does have several cooking steps/temperatures)

Whole-Family Appeal:  3 of 3 thumbs up

Wouldeatitagain Factor:  ABSOLUTELY!!!

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