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Seeing Progress on South Beach Diet

DH and I are both pretty stinkin’ pleased with the progress we’re making on the South Beach Diet.  I have lost a total of 6 pounds and DH has lost 5.  His morning blood sugars have also been so good – heck, they’re almost normal.  He’s been doing better at sticking with the full program than I have.  My “just can’t seem to let go of” food is my Fiber One bar for breakfast.  It is what it is.

Tonight was a bit of a slip for us.  After a stressful day, we broke down and ordered pizza.  It was a thin crust cheese pizza, so even though it was full-on carbohydrate goodness, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been!

Last night was a bit of a culinary adventure.  I had found a recipe in on of the SBD books/cookbooks for black bean brownies.  After doing some searching online, I read someone recommended making them with white beans (like Great Northern beans) instead because they taste less “bean-y”.

So DH was totally sweet and volunteered to make the brownies.  They tasted…okay.  DH and DS both had two little brownies.  I can honestly say last night was the first time in my life I passed on seconds of a brownie 🙂  I could taste too much bean and not enough chocolate.

On the phone with my mom later in the evening, I was telling her about our newest taste sensation, explaining to her that we used white beans instead of black beans to improve the taste.  That’s when I hear my darling DH’s voice in the kitchen…”Uhhh, I used kidney beans.”  Turns out the only can of beans he saw was the can of kidney beans we had bought for chili, so that’s what he used!  This is why I have decided not to post a review tonight of the aforementioned bean brownies.  He promised to make them again soon with the white beans so we could really see how they turn out.  Plus, we also bought some fat-free whipped cream to have on them and I’m sure that a little dollop will help them go down more smoothly!

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