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The Internet – A Dieter’s Best Friend and Worst Curse

So I’m just sitting here while my big boy (DH) takes a nap and my little big boy (DS) plays Wii (he didn’t want to nap) and looking for some Batman cookie ideas.  DS turns 5 at the end of the month (hello, still in denial about that) and is having a Batman-themed birthday party.  I thought some cute Batman cookies packaged up with be fun for the goodie bags, so that’s what I’m in search of…when low and behold I come upon a website that has links to like 150 different fun things.  I’d say a good quarter of them are food/desserts.  Oh man.  Some days I really love the Internet.  It has helped me find some tasty ways to get through Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet, but then there’s this page.  One of the desserts is called “Knock You Naked Brownies”.  Come on!  What I wouldn’t give for a brownie.  There’s a war going on inside my brain right now.  The little angel is telling me that I’ve been so good and that the bean brownies (made with white beans this time – much improved) are really okay and that I don’t need a more carbohydrate-laden variety to make me happy.  All the while, the little devil is telling me that I deserve a treat for doing so good on my diet so far.  I’m resisting.  I figure that I’m going to have to make a test batch of those Batman cookies and I’ll probably eat one (will have to take the rest in to work or something), so that will be my treat.  Poof goes the little devil, but I know he’ll be back…

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