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Starting Phase 2 – Doing Great!

We started into Phase 2 over the weekend and so far have been doing great.  We actually started a few days early (if you read my earlier posts, you’ll know we were never really “perfect” on Phase 1).  Last Thursday or Friday night (can’t remember – I’ve slept since then), my thoughtful DH made us dinner – the beef and bean chili recipe from one of the South Beach Diet cookbooks.  It was actually very tasty!  My idea of chili has always been about 6 cans of tomato sauce and a pound of lean ground beef.  Very juicy, light on the beans.  Well, this chili was not very juicy at all – mostly meat, beans, and chunks of tomato.  But, it really was very good.  We must not have been very hungry – or else the recipe made more than 4 servings – but we had leftovers.  So, the next night, we made up some whole wheat spaghetti and topped it with the leftover chili (sans beans on my plate).  Also tasty!  We’ve had whole wheat spaghetti before and I never really cared for it, but this meal was something that I’d have again.  I think what helped were all the flavors in the chili – and the freshly grated Parmesan cheese!

I do have to say that tonight I’m starving for popcorn – major craving.  But, I’m not going to give in because I’ve already had too many carbs today I think.  I had my usual Fiber One bar for breakfast and then for dinner I had 2 pieces of corn (on the cob) with my bunless turkey/cheddar smoked sausage.  For a snack tonight, I had this new Ritz sandwich.  I’ll have to get the name and post it tomorrow…it is a multigrain cracker filled with a fake cheese.  It is almost like cheese and crackers, but multigrain, you know?

My weight loss stalled out over the weekend – I actually went up a pound.  So, I’m still going to try to go light on the carbs (really sticking to the whole grain or complex carbs in fruit) until I can reach my next goal of 319!

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