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Hitting the proverbial wall

I’m pretty sure that I’ve hit the dreaded weight loss plateau.  Why do I think this?  Because the scale is stuck – wavering, actually – at about 322-323 on a daily basis.  Some docs say not to weigh yourself every day…some say it is good to do so…I do it, but I don’t count it until the weekend when I record it in my CalorieKing journal 😉  The problem is that last week, I reached 321.6 and was ecstatic!!  Then, we moved into Phase 2.  I know that in Phase 2 you’re only supposed to lose 1-2 pounds per week (which is what I was losing even before starting the South Beach Diet), but still!  I was so hoping that I’d lose two pounds early this week and finally be under 320 again.  Bummer, man.

So, how am I going to get over the wall?  First thing I’m going to do is change the creamer I use in my morning coffee.  During Phase 1, I was using fat-free half and half, plus some sugar-free syrup (chocolate and/or caramel).  Once we hit Phase 2 (okay, a couple days before), I went back to my delightful fat-free Hazelnut creamer.  Ohhhhh, it is good.  I don’t need or miss the fat (been using this fat-free creamer for over a year) – I just love that hazelnut flavor.  Well, I discovered the kicker last night as I was looking at my CalorieKing records…it has 20 grams of carbs per serving!  Holy Crap!  So I’m going to investigate the sugar-free variety (which is full fat…I just don’t know how much fat), or see if they make that sugar-free syrup in a hazelnut flavor.

The other thing that I keep wanting to do is add some strength training.  DH and I have been working very hard on exercising and are now riding our recumbent bicycle 30 min. per day at least 5 days a week (sometimes 6!)  What I love about this – and will tell anyone who doesn’t think they have the time – is that it is now a part of our after-dinner routine.  While I ride, DH and DS get some quality time (often watching Ben 10, one of DS’s favorite cartoons).  While DH rides, then it is my turn to get snuggle-time from DS!  DH and I have used each other for motivation.  Sometimes after a tough day, one of us will say “Are you going to ride?” and the other will say yes…so the asker feels guilty and will end up riding too.  We’re mutual guilt-givers 🙂  So it works.  Thirty minutes after dinner when we’re really just be vegging out on the sofa, watching some cartoon that DS enjoys is really nothing!  Back to strength training – the reproductive endocrinologist I saw for our first IVF cycle (who was so awesome) had recommended a video called “Lift Weights to Lose Weight”.  I did it twice and it wasn’t easy.  I’m excited to try it again this time now that I feel I have more endurance and tolerance for exercise.  So, my plan is to try that video out again sometime this weekend and work it into my routine twice a week.  I was planning to substitute the video for cycling, but I’m a little scared to give up on that…don’t want to get out of habit, you know?  But, I know muscle burns more fat than fat (or whatever they say), so that’s why I need to do it.

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