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Review: Chicken Satay

Last night for dinner, we had Chicken Satay and green beans.  The Chicken Satay is courtesy of “The South Beach Diet Quick & Easy Cookbook”.  The recipe is actually for Pork Stay, but we just used chicken instead of pork!  You know, my tastes have started to expand (albeit slowly) as I’ve grown older.  When I was pregnant with DS years ago, my cravings were for egg rolls with hot mustard sauce.  I didn’t even like the way egg rolls smelled before then.  My first (and only) experience with chicken satay was a couple of years ago.  The agency DH and I work for moved to a new building and we had an open house.  One of the things the caterer did was chicken satay.  Who would have ever thought to put chicken and peanut butter together?  Not me, certainly – but it works.  (Yes, I know the rest of the world is much more palette-sophisticated than I and the chicken/PB combo is probably not a surprise to anyone else.)

So anyway – the rundown on this recipe…  Like everything we’ve tried so far, it was yummy.  The sauce had a little too much garlic in it for my taste (I think because I got a little chunk of it), so next time we might cut down and just use 1 clove instead of 2.  Also, the sauce didn’t “stick” to the chicken very well when it cooked…or at least it wasn’t very thick.  That might have been nice to give it a little more peanutty taste.  But, we all loved it, DS cleaned his plate, and there were hardly any leftovers at all.

Ease: Weeknight Dinner

Whole-Family Appeal: 3 of 3 thumbs up

Wouldeatitagain Factor: Definitely

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