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Praise the Splenda – down 2 pounds

I feel decidedly better today, as stepping on the scale this morning revealed a 2 pound loss when compared to yesterday morning.  So I’m probably at the same weight as last Sunday (or maybe up part of a pound), but that’s okay with me.  Like I said yesterday, I’m working on it!  This morning I went back to my South Beach Diet-friendly iced coffee drink.  DH and DS were sweet and went to Panera to get breakfast this morning – and instead of my usual plain bagel, I got the whole grain bagel.  Funny thing is, it has almost 10 grams more carbs than the plain!  But, if you buy into what Dr. Agatston says, the whole grain doesn’t cause your blood sugar to spike because your body has to work harder to break it down than it does for a bagel made from refined flour.  Lunch was peanut butter and sugar-free jam on a multi-grain English muffin.

It is now raining and while I wait for DH to wake up from his nap, I’ve been surfing some blogs looking for inspiration.  One that I found is PastaQueen – a blog from a woman who once weighed 372 pounds and lost over 180.  That’s who I want to be when I grow up.  She’s about my height too, so I feel like her weight loss is one of the best inspirations I’ve seen.  I’ve got to admit – in the South Beach Diet books, I read some of the stories from people who weigh 172 pounds or even 235 pounds and kind of roll my eyes.  Not that their weight loss isn’t important – I know we all struggle with our weight no matter whether we have 5 pounds to lose or 205 – but it just didn’t speak to me.  Hell, I’d be doing a very happy dance if I weighed 235 and was starting on a diet.  So when I read some of PastaQueen’s blog and saw her dramatic pictures, it made me feel a renewed sense of “I can do this.”

Time to think about waking DH from his nap.  Poor guy is the early morning variety and regularly wakes up at 5:00am (it isn’t uncommon for him to get up at 4:30am either), so he lives for his weekend naps.  Unfortunately, with the couple of near fainting episodes I had in March, my doctor doesn’t want me to drive (until they get things figured out), so I can’t run errands as I used to while he sleeps.  Grocery shopping must be done!

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