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My heart is sad

Today my heart is sad – thinking about the tornado in Joplin, Missouri.  I think about all of those people who were killed, hurt, or simply lost everything and my heart just aches.  It makes me think about my family and how truly blessed I am, even when my own health issues have me feeling that I’m at my wit’s end.

So today I’m just a bit down.  Tomorrow I meet with my electrophysiologist again and see if we can’t tell what’s going on with my heart dropping beats.  Stories about family members with heart conduction issues have lately come out of the woodwork, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I had some congenital/hereditary (is there a difference?) thing going on.  Regardless, I’m still confused and scared about it all.  Makes me want to have a doughnut – or three.  But, I’ll stay strong.

I behaved very well today.  For breakfast, it was the usual iced coffee (made with sugar-free syrup and fat-free half and half) plus my yummy Fiber One bar.  At lunch, DH and I ran out to get DS some birthday presents.  Normally we would have stopped by McDonald’s for a quick lunch on the run, but we had the leftover “easy chicken in wine sauce” from last night, and a little leftover Dreamfields pasta.  For dinner tonight, we made our own pizza – low-moisture part-skim mozzarella, turkey pepperoni, and a whole grain crust.  We used regular pizza sauce, which I know has some carbs in it, but overall I’m pretty happy with how we behaved.  Dessert was a Skinny Cow bar.  I realize what we got wasn’t the no-sugar added treat…for some reason I thought they all were.  But, it does have 3 grams of fiber per bar, so that helps to offset the 19 grams of carbs!

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