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Good news, bad news…

So – when people ask you whether you want the good news first or the bad news first, which do you usually pick?  (Feel free to leave a comment and let me know – I feel like I’m just talking to myself here!)  I think most of the time I tend to pick the bad news first, thinking that the good news will surely pick me up.  Which of course backfires if the good news is something piddly and not even in the same league as the bad news.  Or vice versa.  I think people should only ask you about the good news/bad news thing when the news is equal in weight, you know?

Well, my news really isn’t equal at all, so I’ll go for a relatively chronological re-telling.  The good news is that I’m pretty sure my heart is fine.  Yep, met with my electrophysiologist today and he took another look at my original Holter monitor recording and decided I don’t really have heart block – I have non-conducting PAC’s.  So, no pacemaker, no nothing!  There is a part of me that is still a little concerned (and when my DH reads this he will totally roll his eyes), but I can’t help it.  It makes me wonder why he didn’t see this the first time he looked.  I should have asked.  But, the Holter monitor was done by another hospital and read by some other doctor, so according to my MIL (who has worked with cardio docs before) these specialists will often take the diagnosis that’s been given and work from there so as not to waste anyone’s time.  So, I have a follow-up in another 6 months at which I hope I’ll get to wear a Holter again…but for now all is well.  I even passed my stress test and echocardiogram – both were completely normal.

The other good news is that DH got the results of his recent lab work back today.  I’m thrilled to say that his results showed a “significant improvement” in his diabetic labs (like A1C and fasting glucose), as well as really great cholesterol numbers.  I’m so excited for him 🙂  And that was just after 3 weeks on the South Beach Diet.  I can’t wait until his next test in 3 months or so…and for my own test which I hope to request this fall.

With all that good news, I bet you’re wondering about the bad…well like I said, it really doesn’t compare.  The bad news is that I ate like complete and utter crap today.  And I feel miserable about it – not just ashamed, but just physically yukky.  I know I won’t do this again anytime soon.  The run down, so my shame may become public:

Breakfast – the usual sugar-free, fat-free homemade iced coffee and Fiber One bar

Lunch – was at a meeting and we ordered in, so I had choices…and chose poorly.  My lunch was an Italian beef sandwich and fried cheese nuggets.  It was delivery so the cheese nuggets weren’t even that good.  But I at them.  *remorseful sigh*

Dinner – to celebrate the good news from the doctor, we brought home dinner.  I had a Chipotle burrito bowl with barbacoa beef.  So, there was definitely a lot of protein.  And definitely a lot of carbs in the form of that lime white rice.

The positives – no dessert and rode the recumbent bike for 30 minutes 🙂  Tomorrow will be a much better day.

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