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On the importance of setting goals and my inability to reward myself

Yesterday (or the day before – honestly, just too much going on in life right now), I got my first blog comment!  Hooray!  Slim Em also has a weight loss blog, so I popped over to take a look and get some inspiration.  Her post today is “Food is Not a Reward” and it got me thinking about how I used to view food as a reward.  I really identified with her post about exercising to burn 200 calories, then feeling like you deserve a reward for doing so well…and eat a 250 calorie candy bar.  Testify, sister!  Wish I could say “oh, that so isn’t me anymore”, and for the most part, it’s not.  I’m actually kind of proud of that.  But, I still do have very strong tendencies to want to reward myself with food in emotional/stressful situations.  Take yesterday for example.  (Read the post, as in it, I lay forth my shame.  I can’t bear to post it again here.)

So anyway, I decided to look at my goals on CalorieKing.  That is one of the coolest features of the site – the ability to set goals with check-in dates.  The site encourages you to establish a reward for goal completion – and to ensure that the goal is not food-related.  To be honest, that was (still is) very hard for me.  I’m not as tempted anymore to use food as a reward – it’s just that I can’t think of any good non-food-related rewards!  Or, what has happened (I now realize) is that I set goals for myself but then never follow through on the reward!  Why?  The answer probably delves too far into my psyche to really want to think about, but I’m guessing maybe I don’t feel like my “goals” really deserve an award.  Because regardless of the fact that I’ve lost 25+ pounds, I still weigh over 300 pounds.  So it is hard to really celebrate that, you know?  I’m just going to have to buck up and get better at being kind to myself because I’ve still got a long way to go and I’m going to need some motivation.  Here is a run-down of my goals/rewards and their status:

Goal Reward Status
Lose my first 5 pounds Celebrate with my family Goal – met; Reward – unsure
Drink 48oz. of water each workday Manicure Goal – met; Reward – not yet
Increase bike ride from 15/20 min. to 25 min. Cake “Pops” decorating stand Goal – met; Reward – nope
Get back down to 336 Get dies for die cut machine or new outfit Goal – met; Reward – nuh uh
Ride bike 25 min./day, 5 days/week Manicure – I mean it! Goal – met; Reward – negatory
Get down to 329 Buy myself flowers Goal – met; Reward – fail

Sense a pattern here?  *sigh*  I really do need to get better at following through on my rewards.  I hope when my awesome DH reads this he will nag me about it until I actually do one of these things!  (Thanks in advance, honey!)

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  1. May 25, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    Awe thank you for mention me! I love your goals and rewards- very good ideas! Keep it up!

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