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Getting Back on Track

Well, it was a glorious weekend.  I have to admit, I’m a little blue as I sit here and type this – my boys are upstairs taking a nap and the house is so quiet compared to what it was earlier this weekend.  It started on Friday with DS’s 5th birthday.  It was a fun day – we went out to dinner at Logan’s, which is where DS picked to go – and I can’t believe my little boy is already 5.  That night, my mom, sister, and my 2 year-old nephew arrive to stay with us for a few days.  Saturday was a bowling party for DS and his friends (hilarious!), followed by the arrival of my dad that afternoon.  My brother-in-law arrived that night and it was a full house filled with family and the sounds of 2 little boys playing together!  Sunday was our “family” party for DS.  Of course during all of this there were several attempts at being Martha Stewart, so we were really hopping all weekend long.  Everyone left yesterday or this morning, and I miss them all already.

Our ever-evolving journey to better health and weight loss took a little bit of a detour this weekend, as you can probably imagine.  I did have a cupcake, couple of cookies, and two pieces of birthday cake.  Tried to eat relatively well (whole grains if at all possible), but was way off the wagon several times.  At one point this morning I told DH that it was hard to get back on the wagon after eating so “free” this weekend, but we’re committed.  In fact, I just planned our dinners this week and we’re going to try to stick close to the Phase 1 way of eating except for a couple of nights where I’m planning to have carrots for a veggie (getting sick of nothing but green beans and disparagus, as DS calls it) and a tiny bit of brown rice to go with Chicken Marsala.

So, to get back on track we’re going to start off by having taco salad (without the crispy shell bowl) for dinner tonight.  I really love tacos, and even though I prefer to have the real thing, a salad will be close enough to get us going again.  Plus, we’ve been using this reduced-sodium taco seasoning for years (I believe it is Old El Paso).  I love it so much to the point where one time DH did the shopping and got the regular kind…and I could barely stand to eat it.  It just tasted too salty.  Go team!

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