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My first recumbent bike HIIT routine!

Tonight, I did my first “program” on our recumbent bike!  It is program #7 on our bike, which is a hill pattern.  In following with the principles of HIIT, a shorter workout is supposed to be as (or more effective) than a longer one at regular intensity, so I opted for 20 minutes tonight.  I’ve been having some issues with fluid on my right knee for over a week.  Is it silly that I’m hesitant to slow down the workout to let it rest?  Don’t answer that, I bet it is.  But on my ride tonight, my left knee started to hurt as well!  It just felt a little tight – almost like it needed to “pop”.  It cleared up after about 10 minutes, so I hope it holds out for another couple of days.  Maybe on vacation I’ll let it rest.

Anyway, this program had me going to resistance level 5 – and it was pretty tough!  I think my bike has 10-12 levels and I can’t even imagine what the upper levels feel like.  So the routine tonight was 2 minutes on each “block” – the resistance pattern repeated 2, 3, 5, 2, 3, 5, 2, 3, 5, 2.  I used every 2 (except the last) as a rest period and rode about 9-10 mph.  Then on the 3’s and 5’s, I would ride as fast as I could for the first minute, and ride more of a normal pace (10 mph) for the other minute in that block.  For the last 2 minutes, I rode as fast as I could!  It was actually kind of fun 🙂

I also ate pretty well today.  Lunch was a fat free hot dog (left over from dinner last night) and hard boiled egg.  For dinner, we had BLT’s made with turkey bacon and on Healthy Life 100% whole grain wheat bread.  The Healthy Life bread (a low carb variety) isn’t actually too bad.  I definitely like it better toasted.  Total calories so far is 1,075, but subtract the 500 from exercise and…uhhhh….  So, I think I’m going to go find something else to eat that’s not going to blow all the work I just did on the bike!  So excited to work out more tomorrow 🙂

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