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Back at it!

We just returned from a wonderful family vacation.  That’s the good news 🙂  The bad news is that despite all the walking we did, I really ate poorly (bad portion control, bad food choices) and am pretty sure I gained 3-5 pounds.  I’m planning on doing a weigh-in tomorrow morning to see what damage was done.

But, that doesn’t mean I’m going to throw in the towel.  Normally I probably would have – I really enjoy food (especially the stuff that isn’t so good for me), so it can sometimes be tempting to just give up, accept the fact that I will never lose weight, etc.  But, my health – and being around for my family – is much more important.  I accept that this past week was not the norm, and I realize I will need to work hard to not only make up the lost ground but to get back on track.  That’s okay – I can do it!!!

Pretty tired tonight, so I won’t do much.  Tomorrow I have the day off and am staying home with DS.  Hopefully at some point I’ll get a chance to do some meal planning for next week.  We’re thinking about going back onto Phase 1 for a week or so.  I just might even have to try eggs for breakfast again!

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