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Post-vacation weigh-in results…

My plan to weigh in on Friday morning didn’t work, so I did it this morning instead….324.4!  So, based on where I was before vacation, I estimate that I gained about 1pound.  Okay, I can live with that 🙂  Admittedly, I ate like crap most of the time, but we did SO much walking that I bet it helped to even things out a bit.

Last night was the first night back on the recumbent bike in almost a week.  I say almost because one night out in Rhode Island, I decide to use the hotel’s recumbent bike.  It was nice, but much like the one at the other hotel I was at (a few weeks ago for a meeting), the pedals were higher than I was used to.  So, with the sizable belly that I have, it made it difficult…mostly in the fact that my legs kept hitting the bottom of my belly.  I’m sure I must have looked ridiculous, but I’m proud of myself for giving it a try.  All the other nights, we were swimming so I can say I definitely got 30 min. of exercise in each day!

Yesterday, I made up the meal plan for this week.  We’re going to try to stick close to the South Beach Diet Phase 1 for the most part.  A key factor will be quick meals – DS starts t-ball and soccer practice 4 nights a week.  Luckily, practices don’t start until 7:00pm, so that should give us plenty of time to cook, eat, and get cleaned up.  Hopefully both DH and I can get our exercise done too.  We typically ride right after dinner so I might have to start riding while he cooks or vice versa.  (Oh who am I kidding, DH does all the cooking…)  Anyway, since tomorrow is Father’s Day, it is one of the few times a year I can indulge my sweet and understanding DH by going to the local Chinese buffet.  So, our good behavior will have to wait until Monday – literally the only things I can eat at the Chinese buffet are fried (sweet and sour chicken, tater tots, egg roll) or carb-loaded (mac and cheese, rice).  I’m able to resist all but the smallest desserts though 🙂

Monday – Grilled turkey sausages and green beans (or “glazed” carrots, technically not allowed on Phase 1 so we’ll see)

Tuesday – Taco salads (no shell bowls…just lettuce, meat, cheese)

Wednesday – Chicken breasts on the grill and asparagus (or maybe some other type of grilled veggie)

Thursday – Breakfast for dinner (egg beaters scrambled and turkey sausages)

Friday – Cracked pepper steaks and garlic green beans

I’ll do another weigh-in next Saturday morning and see what the progress has been.  If I can, I’m going to do another week of Phase 1 to try and get below 320.  Yes, I know that means trying to eat eggs for breakfast again.  Yes, I know I will probably cheat after a couple of days and stick with my Fiber One bar.  We had turkey bacon the other week and it was surprisingly good…I need to do some research tonight and see if it is allowed on SBD.  I might even do a fried egg or two just to break up the monotony.  I think if I were a morning person and actually sat down to eat breakfast, I’d really quite enjoy it.  Who knows…my sleep study is Sunday night and if it turns out that I have sleep apnea, maybe getting it treated will help me become more of a morning person!

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