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The Lighter Side – Non-traditional uses for your bathroom scale

Okay folks, I’ve got a confession to make…I’m having trouble getting back on the South Beach Diet wagon since returning from vacation.  It is hard this week because DS has started sports practice 4 nights a week.  Plus, work is crazy stressful and makes vacation feel like it was 4 months ago.  Lame excuses, I know.  I’m still watching calorie intake and doing my recumbent bike exercise, but my good intentions to get back on SBD this week have fallen by the wayside so far.  There’s always tomorrow…

So instead of beating myself up, I decided that I would find something that put a smile on my face – and this post on Non-traditional uses for your bathroom scale did just that.  Granted after reading the post I found I couldn’t really empathize (I’d jump up and down if my scale ever reached 145 pounds…much less stayed there), but like I’ve mentioned before I know we all have our own weight loss demons!  My favorite use – chopping board!  Maybe you could even use it as a trivet and put a big, hot, steaming bowl of spaghetti and meatballs (or macaroni and cheese, yummmmmm) on it.

Promise I’ll stop the pity party soon.  I’ve dropped 0.4 lbs. so I’ll be inspired again soon.

If you’ve been in the same situation before, I’d love to hear how you got yourself back on the weight loss wagon!

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