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Trying to get started again

DH and I are struggling to get started on the South Beach Diet again.  Ever since vacation, we’ve been rather relaxed in our approach to things – behave well for a few days, then have an “off day”, then another day or two on, another day or two off, etc.  DS having his soccer and t-ball practices 4 nights a week hasn’t been helping.  We’ve been working late, which means we end up picking him up late, which means we don’t have a lot of time to make dinner and exercise before going to practice.  So, we are definitely struggling!

I’m also getting a little concerned about how much we’re spending on groceries.  We’ve been eating more “big meals” on this plan and it always involves meat.  Before, we could just make up a box of mac n cheese or some hot dogs and toss in a bag of steamed corn and it was a meal.  Now it is a full production with meat and veggies taking up the majority of our plates, whereas before carbs were a much bigger part.

I’m glad I have this blog so I can get my frustrations out, as it were.  Even if nobody reads it, it helps tremendously!

We’re going to try to get going again this week.  I did some meal planning and feel like we’ve got some meals that shouldn’t take too much prep time and if we can manage to leave work at a normal time, that will help too.

Of course, last week our scale broke, so we have no idea what this whole detour is doing to our weight loss efforts.  Stay tuned!

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