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Hello again!

Well hello there.  Has it been this long?  Indeed.  I’ve really been in a funk and haven’t wanted to “face the music” as it were – I haven’t wanted to hold myself accountable for the way I’ve been behaving lately.  Our scale has been broken and I’m happy to see on the new scale we got Monday that my weight hasn’t suffered.  In fact, I was the same weight this morning as I was so long ago – 321.4.  But, I’ve been that way for a strong month and a half now.  It is time to push hard again and get my rear in gear!

What I need is a good distraction.  I’ve been way lazy lately and though I still exercise on a pretty much daily basis (which I think is the only thing that has kept the pounds from coming back on), I don’t do much after that.  And as we all know, sitting in front of the TV watching “The Bachelorette” is conducive to wanting popcorn 🙂  So I’m going to get back into stamping again.  It keeps my hands busy and if my hands are busy, they’re not as tempted to mindlessly shove food into my mouth.

One thing that I’ve discovered is a meal planning website that I really like.  It is called Plan to Eat and I’m just finishing up my 30 day free trial.  I really think we’re going to go ahead and sign up for a year, which I believe is $40 or so.  The site is pretty cool because it stores all of your recipes and allows you to import recipes easily from some of the major recipe websites (e.g., AllRecipes, Martha Stewart’s website, about.com, etc.)  Then it has a meal planning interface where you just drag your recipes into the appropriate day/meal space.  From there, you can access a shopping list with all of the ingredients for the meals in your plan.  The reason I like it so well is because now that we’re eating better, our shopping list is more complicated than just “box of mac n cheese and 1 lb. ground beef”.  It has helped us be sure we get what we need at the store and avoid multiple trips.

Dinner tonight was taco salad – yummy!  I like taco salad because it is so simple to make and relatively cheap.  Tomorrow my family is coming to visit to watch DS play t-ball and soccer, and we’re going to have this crock pot pasta sauce w/ lean Italian turkey sausage.  Should be tasty.  We will be having regular pasta, but the whole grain variety at least.  I’ll make up for it by having leftover taco salad for lunch.

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