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Still struggling; sleep apnea update

I haven’t been in much of a mood to post lately – I’m still struggling to get my weight loss kick started again (still hovering around 322) and unfortunately I am finding it easier and easier to “cheat”.  An ice cream with family here, and milkshake to celebrate the end of the sports season there, etc.  It is getting out of control and I’m finding it incredibly hard to stop.  My only saving grace right now is the fact that I continue to exercise.

This week I got my CPAP machine, hopefully to help with my sleep apnea.  I got it Wednesday and so far have only been able to keep the mask on until midnight each night.  It makes me feel claustrophobic and I have having my warm breath so close to my face.  This week at work I’ve been in a training and haven’t been able to afford a bad night’s sleep.  Tonight my goal is to wear the damn thing all night long no matter how poorly I sleep, figuring I can take a nap tomorrow if I need to.  Hopefully this weekend will be enough to get me used to it.

Sorry for the pity party – I’m in a rut and having a hard time climbing out.  I’m sure this is no coincidence, but I haven’t been recording in my CalorieKing diary either, so I might do that tonight and see if that will help me break out of the funk.

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