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Now this is more like it!

I am so proud of myself that I couldn’t wait to post!  After putting off the inevitable, I decided to weigh myself this morning – to the tune of 326.  That’s the bad news.  (I’m thinking some of that is bloat from the sleep apnea treatment – I’m getting a fairly common condition that many go through when they begin treatment with a lot of air in their stomachs.)  Anyway.  Today, I decided I was going to try extra hard to be good.  My one slip today was having 3 snack size Snickers bars during a meeting.  They were soooo good.  But other than that, I was able to keep my carb count to under 100, and calories were 1173.  Actually, I also had 20g fiber, so my effective carb count was 77!  Woo hoo!  Plus, I exercised and burned 500 calories 🙂

I do better with the weight loss when I’m accountable – either by posting in the blog or logging my food in CalorieKing.  Today, I’m doing both.  Here’s what I ate today:


  • My iced coffee (made w/ sugar-free creamer)
  • Fiber One bar


  • Salad (hearts of romaine lettuce) with some low fat feta cheese and a slice of crumbled turkey bacon; Caesar dressing

Afternoon Snack

  • 3 snack size Snickers bars :/


  • Chicken with Dijon Cream Sauce
  • green beans

After Dinner Snack

  • Ritz Crackerfuls sandwich (whole grain)
  • My iced coffee
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