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Absolutely sick over my eating behaviors!

September 14, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Yep, that’s right. Tonight, we decided to go to IHOP and I thought “Hey, it’s been a year or so, I think I’m going to have the appetizer sampler.”  I really love mozz sticks and chicken strips.  The onion rings are nice.  Well, guess what it cost me?  A whopping 1780 calories, 99 grams of fat and over 160 grams of carbs!  Urgh.  You know what?  It was fine, but geez….so not worth it.

So, I know the rest of this week and next week aren’t going to be great, but I’ve got to make a plan to make it as good as it can be.

Friday night, my mom is coming into town and she’s taking us out for my birthday.  Since my 3 yr old nephew will be with her, I think we’ll probably go to Olive Garden and I will of course have cheese ravioli, salad and breadsticks.  However, I will at least have the lunch portion.

On Saturday, I head out of town for about 5 days to attend a conference.  Conferences typically mean eating bad.  You don’t have much control over your meals and I tend to veg out at night and read trashy magazines and snack.  So, my strategy is going to be to eat meals as healthily as possible, and if it isn’t great for me, then I’ll just cut down the portion size.

When I get back, I’m going to start making small changes again.  First, I’m going to make sure that I pack lunch the night before.  Honestly, I’m getting sick of salad, but it hardly has any carbs so I’ve really got to stick with it.  I’m just going to have to find different salads to eat 🙂

My other goal is to start upping my water intake.  I was drinking at least 48 oz. of water each day at work and lately I haven’t been doing that.  Actually, I’ve been so busy that I usually forget to go to the bathroom.  So, drinking water will benefit me in several ways.  First, the obvious is that I’ll get more water, which will also help keep me full.  Second, it will get me up and moving – I sit way too much at work because I feel so pressured and stressed to accomplish so much.  But really, what’s a 2 min. trip to the break room to refill my glass?

After that, we’re going to hit it with eating more at home.  We’ve fallen into the bad habit of picking up or eating out a lot.  What I need to realize is that even if we end up having a box of mac and cheese, that is still better for us than eating at IHOP like we did tonight.  I do a good job with meal planning, so we just need to really commit to it and stop finding excuses (i.e., too tired, too stressed, its raining so we can’t grill, etc.) to not eat at home.

I can do it, I know I can!

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