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Getting my groove back!

October 27, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Alright, I’m back!  I’ve been struggling quite a bit since June – yes, June – with my weight loss efforts.  It started with a plateau that continued for a month or two.  Then, a few pounds came back on.  Then a few more.  Then September happened.  Mid-month, I had to travel to attend a conference and had best intentions of using the hotel’s workout facility to keep up with my recumbent bike riding.  Said hotel’s workout facility was a joke and I was involved with conference activities until about 8:30 each evening anyway.  So, no exercise for me that week.  Then I get back home and come down with the flu.  Not just the “I don’t feel like going to work today” flu, the actual influenza virus.  Yay.  Then I developed a cough that ended up being bronchitis.  Double yay.  That cough lasted 3 weeks.  The doc finally put me on some steroid inhaler and it got better.  So, this is the first week that I’ve actually felt like I could physically handle exercise.

I didn’t think that I could just jump back on the bike and ride 30 min. each day, so I picked up the new Just Dance 3 and have been dancing for 30-45 minutes each night.  How fun!  The songs are awesome, but I think the moves are a little harder than what they were in Just Dance 2.  Whatever – it gets me moving.

My eating habits this week have been getting better as well.  My sweet DH and I ate out a lot this week, but I haven’t been doing a ton of evening snacking like I did while I was sick.  Okay, having the bags of Halloween candy lying around isn’t doing me any favors.  It is a thoughtless activity to grab a little Kit Kat here, a little tube of Sixlets there, etc.  But I’m still doing pretty well on that front.

So where does this leave me?  Well, I gained 9 pounds since June, but have taken off 1 pound so far this week.  My goal right now is to get back on a regular exercise routine and to make sure I’m drinking at least 48 oz. of water every day.  Next week I’ll be able to tackle food issues.  Will we go back to the South Beach Diet again?  I honestly don’t know.  I felt really restricted – I mean in terms of vegetables I actually like carrots and corn – and I hate that they’re not something that’s very acceptable on SBD.  Same with fruits.  So, I ended up getting myself all worked up about not eating fruits and vegetables unless they were perfect (which, combined with my taste preferences, left me incredibly limited)…and that led me to rebelling totally.  We will probably follow SBD principles, but with maybe a greater flexibility when it comes to some of those restricted items.  The way I figure it, having a couple spoons of corn as a side dish with my chicken is better than abandoning everything and going to Buffalo Wild Wings for onion rings and boneless wings!  I also like the idea of having a “treat night” on the weekend – if I can behave all week, then I can have some pretzel bites from the mall on a Saturday night, or heck even a pumpkin shake from Culver’s.  (They are made with crack, I’m sure of it.)

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