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Wonderful walking weekend

October 30, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

What a fun weekend!  DH and I took our son to Chicago for the weekend to visit the Museum of Science and Industry.  It was so much fun!  I really wish that I had worn a pedometer because I’m sure I walked miles upon miles.  DS was very excited for the first hour or so, and then I think was a little more impatient, but we spent a strong 4.5 hours at the museum.  We went back to our hotel for a few minutes and then went shopping at a nearby outdoor mall – spent another hour walking around there.  I have to admit, it made me feel pretty awesome 🙂  Then of course, we had Chicago-style pizza for dinner and I’m sure I negated about half of the good exercise I had done, but it was all worth it.

Today we carved pumpkins and I started thinking about squash and how it might be nice to have for dinner some night.  Aren’t there recipes for some sort of squash soup?  I’ll make it my mission this week to do some searching and find a recipe that we might all eat.

Meal planning this week is pretty haphazard.  There was brief discussion of it on our way home from Chicago today, and we’re doing a little flying by the seat of our pants.  Tonight we’re having tacos and tomorrow night will be deli sandwiches (on whole grain bread) before trick or treating.  Then everything is up in the air.  I picked up some frozen pasta dinners the other week when they were on sale, so we’ll probably have one of those.  I found a recipe for orange chicken (DH is hooked on the stuff from Panda Express) and I thought maybe we’d try to have another couple of relatively low-carb dinners like pork chops or barbacoa beef.

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