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I need a challenge!

I’ve had an idea for quite a while now and haven’t been motivated to act on it until tonight.  While reading some of my favorite blogs, I saw that one blogger is taking part in a challenge – there’s a weight loss part and a fitness part.  Right now I’m not so keen on the weight loss part, but I would like to find a challenge where you can log your miles – walked, biked, etc. and see where it takes you around the world.  I’ve seen a couple of sites that have these for walking, so would it be cheating to also include miles biked?  I don’t care so much to compete against others…it is more to see where *I* can go.

Tonight I rode the recumbent bike for 20 minutes at a pretty decent speed (about 11.5 mph).  While I rode, I lifted some light (2 lb) weights.  Maybe that’s bad to do while riding, though.  Then, I “played” my Walk It Out Wii game and walked another 20 minutes or so.  Needless to say, I’m feeling great about my exercise tonight.  My plan is to ride the bike for 30 minutes on nights where I put our son to bed – and on alternate nights (when my husband does bedtime duty), I’ll mix it up a little and hopefully get more than 30 minutes of exercise.  Sounds like a good plan right now anyway!

Do you know of any challenges or websites where I can track my miles walked/biked and see progress on a map or something like that?  Do you have any favorite weight loss and/or fitness challenges?

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