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The 3 B’s

January 2, 2012 2 comments

The Bachelor – This is a perfect example of one of those shows that I watch and probably should never admit to watching.  Guess who’s a sucker for watching people fall in love?  Okay, so they probably don’t really “fall in love” in the span of the few dates they actually go on, but it’s fun to pretend.  I’m actually watching it as I type and you know what?  None of the girls are really sticking out to me this time around.  In past seasons I could usually pick out a couple that were either going to be the major drama queens or the ones that stood a chance with the bachelor – but tonight, not so much.  Oh wait, I take that back – I just saw the one that said “I’m better than them.”  Yikes.  Pretty sure I’m physically cringing right now.

Beginner – Tonight I tried out an exercise  video – a 14 minute dance routine.  It wasn’t too bad…no deep squats or anything that really stressed my knees.  There was some jumping around at the end that I kind of just hopped for, but other than that it was actually kind of fun.  It supposedly was to work the lower body (I can definitely tell in my legs), so perhaps that was strength training?  Damn, I wish these videos would come in nice categories for those of us who don’t know what we’re doing 🙂

Blah – For the last couple of days, I’ve been in a bit of a funk again.  We had almost all last week off of work and today as well, and I think I’m just not wanting to go back.  It is always fine once I go back – it is just the anticipation that fills me with dread.  It isn’t because I don’t like what I do – in fact, I actually love it.  It is just nice to have a break from the politics and pressure – I get to really focus on my family, which is awesome!  So…point being, when I feel this way it is harder to motivate myself to eat well and exercise.  I’ve got a good meal plan in place for this week, I’ve started exercising, and I know that in a few days I’ll be settled back into my usual routine and ready to kick ass.

Speaking of kicking ass…The Bachelors is starting to get good.  They’re making this one poor girl look crazy and another look like an incredible bitch.  Love the drama!

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I need a distraction!

August 29, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve been feeling really “blah” about my weight loss efforts – since early June when we went on vacation.  It is no surprise really that my weight has plateaued.  I’m trying, but not really trying, you know?  So, I need a distraction and have decided that I might start posting about sleep apnea or the trashy television I am embarrassed to admit that I watch.  Hope nobody minds.  I just need something to do to keep from beating myself up about my current weight-related stress.

So…first topic…trashy TV!  I watch television shows that no self-respecting 34 year-old mother should probably admit to watching.  My current addiction is Bachelor Pad.  I know, right?  Not sure why I enjoy watching other peoples’ drama – especially when a lot of it is probably contrived.  However, there does seem to be some real stuff going on this season.  Watching Michael and Holly’s deep talk right now is pretty sad.  They actually seem like they might be sweet people and it seems that Holly is genuinely struggling with her decision.  I wouldn’t mind if either of them won the money.  I’m actually rooting for Ella and Kirk.  Ella’s story had me in tears and I think Kirk seems like he’s a pretty stand up guy too.

I think Vienna and Kasey are coming across as pretty idiotic.  Wonder if that’s the way they are when the cameras aren’t rolling or if this is all just an act to make for good television?  Pretty sure there have been several times that I’ve wanted to virtually smack Kasey – he’s being painted as a pompous ass.  I’m not a fan of Jake either, but he at least tried to be portrayed in a good light, even if he was lying through his caps.  Not sure how these people can rip on everyone for being fake and lying and being manipulative, when they’re right in the same category.  Do people not see this about themselves?  Is it just fame whores like these people?  Do you ever wonder if they’re what normal is and you’re just completely nutty if you find that to be the ultimate in hypocritical behavior?

Can’t say I really care much about anybody else in the house right now.  Erica cracks me up – what a character.

Even typing this I can’t believe that I am admitting to watching this crap, much less blogging about it.  I really should have better things to do.  Like shouldn’t I be baking brownies for the PTO or something? 🙂  Oh man…

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